Lime in the Coconut

My husband made a lime & strawberry smoothie recently and we all loved it. I was making a quick smoothie after my work out this morning and wanted something similar. I ended up making everything based around coconut milk and lime juice because it just sounded delicious.🙂

I got out one of my favorite culinary resources book wise; vegetarian flavor bible The Vegetarian Flavor Bible by Karen Page. I looked up limes and the book will list flavors that go well with whatever you are looking for. I ended up with this smoothie:


Lime in the Coconut smoothie

8 ounces coconut milk

1/2 frozen banana

2 hands full spinach

1 scoop of nutrition/protein powder, strawberry flavor

1 cup of ice

Fresh lime juice, 2 limes


I ended up adding some water and 1 tsp. of green tea powder

This smoothie has these possible health benefits:


  • reduce arthritis symptoms,
  • can help prevent the hardening of arteries,
  • can fight cancer cells,
  • helps against cold and flu.


  • protects the colon,
  • good for your heart,
  • helps lower high blood pressure,
  • helps maintain brain function, memory and mental clarity.


  • helps control heart rate and blood pressure,
  • helps regulate digestive system,
  • the magnesium helps strengthen bones and protects the heart.

I’ve been studying nutrition for 26 years and I have notes from so many sources since I started. I am still so amazed by all there is to learn about nutrition. For the sake of simplicity, I gathered these health benefits from one place in case you’d like to read more on each or all. It is Dr. Mercola’s site, .

Morning Routine


I have finally settled and sorted my summer morning routine!

  • See my husband off to work with a thermos of coffee, a thermos of oatmeal and a thermos or shaker cup of nutritional shake. Take my thyroid medicine.
  • Quiet time. Read my Bible with a cup of coffee. Pray, meditate, daily affirmations, visualization, reading and checking my planner.
  • Make our bed. I need to get more pillows and pretty this up!
  • Exercise. I am aiming for either 30 minutes in the mornings and 30 more in the evenings or all 60 in the morning.
  • Shower. Face. Hair. Get ready.
  • Tidy bathroom. Quick shower wipe down, sinks and counters, toilet inside and out and vacuum or sweep now or when I’m doing the rest of the floors.
  • Empty/re-load dishwasher and breakfast. Make kefir or check on it.
  • Get laundry going while doing daily cleaning. Hot hot spots, pick up and vacuum/sweep and quick mop. I like to listen to books, In Touch radio and podcasts while I’m getting things done and I finish by putting water and essential oils in all my diffusers.
  • Online time. Checking emails, watching my YouTube subscriptions and working on businesses. This last part of my routine has been the most neglected so I’m working to keep up with it better.

Do do you have a morning routine? If so, do you have it at the same time each day and what does it look like in your home?

Rice cooker/ steamer food prep 

I love food and meal prepping! I learned some of the basics for this from my mom. She was a single mom and she commuted to work. She planned our meals out once a week, down to the snacks. Anything she could prepare ahead for the week and/or the next day, she did. As a result, we had three meals a day to include a cooked dinner and after school snacks. 

When my kids were babies, I planned ahead for their food when we were at home or gone for the day. 

Now, I’m planning and prepping for the three of us left at home (and I make extra for our daughter for the minutes she is home now:) and it makes a difference for our fitness and health. When I fall off track in this area, we notice it. 

I’m always looking for fresh and new and tried and true ideas and tips. I also try a lot in my kitchen. 

I like creatively using my appliances to make the absolute most of each one. 

One if my favorites is using a rice cooker/steamer. I got a SS Miracle brand from Amazon after having it in my wish list for two years. As soon as the price got low enough, I bought it. That was several years ago and I love it! I don’t use aluminum or non-stick after reading of the health risks.

In the rice cooking part, I cook grains, wild rice, and more. In the steamer, I steam vegetables of just about every kind. Today, I tried elephant garlic, peeled and sliced sweet potatoes, and thickly cut carrots in the steamer/top. I also added two eggs to see if they would cook as well as boiling them. Everything turned out perfect! I drizzled some balsamic vinegar and tamarin sauce on them (iver quinoa) and they were delicious! 

If you have used your rice cooker/steamer for different foods, I would love to hear your creations. Please email me at or comment here.😊 


Wednesday List

There is a legal pad filled with things I need to do but I must fill each day with enough for that day and add the other things as I go! 

The high lighted actions are completed. I will work to finish them all by day’s end! 

Any other list makers out there? 

List maker or to-do breaker: how do you get things done each day? 

When people want to know how someone gets it all done- it is like I read online continuallyn(in my case – by other wives, mothers and so on) … The answer is…

You don’t! 


Set the Scene


When my anxious thoughts multiply within me,

Your consolations delight my soul.

Psalm 94:19

In this world, there will be trouble.

There will be war and rumors of war.

There will be sabotage and suffering.

There will be trials and tribulation.

To be honest, it is hard for me to even type those words. People disagree with me all the time but I believe there is power in our words. Our words can bless or curse and I choose the blessing side of things as much as I manage! Even if something is a truth and fact… if it is something I don’t want, I try to not speak it.

Many years ago, through reading, research and more, I started learning to not focus on feelings and for where to turn when the world goes crazy.

I thank the Lord for showing us the Amway business in 1990. The group of people we were a part of became like family and there was so much growth in our lives during that time. One thing I loved was a highly recommended book list that I believe I read every single book from! One of the books was, “Hung by the Tongue” by Francis P. Martin. Also, “The Tongue, A Creative Force,” by Charles Capps. These were life changing to me and I have them on my Kindle to read again!

We aren’t presently active in Amway and haven’t been in many years and we have lost contact with all of the group with the exception of a couple of families but that book list was fantastic. It is where I found some of my ALL time favorite reads on positive living based on biblical truths.

Back to the reason for this post!

What I am learning is … what this world gives does not need to cause anxiety or fear. The Bible says:

“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may  have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Spoken by Jesus.

We can settle our hearts and set our minds on what He says.

3 Ways to Set the Scene for Peace when anxiety comes:

  1. Compare your thoughts to what the Bible says. Every need is met somewhere between Genesis and Revelation.
  2. Create a corner, space or spot of comfort.  If it is cold, light the fireplace. This alone can do wonders to offer a sense of calm. Additional ideas: add some essential oils to a diffuser or blend some into some coconut oil and use in an oil burner.
  3. Drink something warm and/or wonderful. A hot cup of tea, hot lemon/ginger/ honey water or warmed milk (we use almond, cashew, or almond milk) with a spoon of vanilla extract swirled in and a shake of cinnamon on the top.

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Typing my way to healthier life spiritually, emotionally, relationship-wise, physically and more!