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  “Part of taking responsibility, or ownership, is knowing what is our job, and what isn’t. Workers who continually take on duties that aren’t theirs will eventually burn out. It takes wisdom to know what we should be doing and what we shouldn’t. We can’t do everything.”

Testing: Workout Share

FitNotes Workout – Tuesday 15th August 2017

** Elliptical Trainer **
– 05:00
– 05:00

** Walking **
– 1.5 m in 20:02
– 4.4 m in 22:02

** Decline Barbell Bench Press **
– 15 reps

** Hammer Strength Shoulder Press **
– 15 reps

** V-Bar Push Down **
– 45.0 kgs x 15 reps

** Close Grip Barbell Bench Press **
– 15 reps


Keep it simple, smart woman that you are! 

This is what I’m working on. 

My tendency to require pure perfection and nothing less runs a regular pattern of  failing. 

I’m tired if writing about it and I am embracing my failures. Each one us a step to success… IF I use it as such. 
Less words and more steps…

Stumbling Survival

Monday: Start day. I planned the gym but had a grand little for a couple of hours so I just did house work. Nutrition was fairly good. Inadequate sleep.

Tuesday: Salads and sweet potatoes all day and was over my calorie goal by almost 500. 8, 147 steps. Inadequate sleep.

Wednesday: 3, 894 steps. Inadequate sleep. Salads and sweet potatoes.

Thursday: 11, 730 steps, 7 floors, and almost 5 miles total! Inadequate sleep. Salads and sweet potatoes, tilapia meal with steamed vegetables, half macaroni and cheese and half fried shrimp with some fries from a restaurant. I shared with my daughter. 🙂

Friday: Less than 5,000 steps. Inadequate sleep. Nutrition unknown. I don’t have anything tracked and I do not recall much at all on what I ate!

Saturday: 3,141 steps. 4 hours of sleep.

Sunday: Rest day. Soft tacos… all day.

Monday: 7,767 steps. Inadequate sleep. Had no breakfast, a salad and flour tortilla for lunch. Taco bell spicy potato taco and 1/2 of a chicken burrito for snack. A few grapes and some kettle popcorn. Naan bread with salad for dinner.

Since I started, I’ve walked well two times and gone to the gym two times. I have worked hard doing deeper cleaning for over two hours twice and stayed very active and on my feet. I needed WAY more consistency in exercising and meal prepping and I am working to improve on those this week.

Today/Tuesday: So far, I’ve had a far too tiny cup of coffee with half n half and missed the gym this morning.

My first update since I haven’t been carving out more regularly sharing on this journey! I haven’t weighed but will do that when I’m up to it. I’ll know more from what I feel than the scale’s tale any way!

“You are the God who works wonders; You have made known Your strength among the peoples.” Psalms 77:14

Typing my way to healthier life spiritually, emotionally, relationship-wise, physically and more!