32. Plant Based Diet Restores Her Eyesight And Gets Her Off The Lung Transplant List

via 32. Plant Based Diet Restores Her Eyesight And Gets Her Off The Lung Transplant List

This is such an awesome read! I have drastically cut my sugar and meat consumption with a goal to completely do so. Now, to work on white flour and cheese! Oh, and exercise. I love exercise when I know it is over but I have started and stopped for more years than I care to calculate.

As for food/nutrition, I’m going plant-based. I used to think totally removing food groups wasn’t wise in the long run but for me, that line of thinking has changed.

I really should weigh far less than I do. Years ago, I realized that my bread eating from freshly ground flours with sourdough starters were not being burned off by my level of exercise! I kept making them for family for a while but stopped it altogether for myself.

Since then, I’ve fallen into eating way too many carbs and they are the bad guys. Honey wheat is not much more than white bread and that is flour, water and air for the most part.

Anyway, I was eating chocolate almost, if not daily. I had sugar in my coffee and sucanat or honey sweetened baked goods on a very regular basis.

Dairy? Milk, huge wedges of parmesan cheese shaved or shredded onto any dish I could force it upon! Huge packages of different cheeses were on every Sam’s trip and butter was spread, melted, and/or drizzled liberally.

I was eating beef, chicken, turkey, salmon, tuna and so on. Olive oil and eventually, coconut oil were generously used in just about every food we ate.

Through the many years since that diet style, I have made huge changes. I don’t consume any of those things on a regular basis and most, not at all. I’ve replaced some of them with far less nutritional choices but eat a fraction of the calories I was taking in before.

At the same time, I have cut out so much I didn’t need and added in a very plant strong plan. 2-3 fruit servings a day. AT LEAST 6-11 servings of vegetables a day most days. I’m cooking with almost no oils or fats and have learned to water saut√© instead. I make my own salad dressings, add garlic, onions, celery, carrots and mushrooms to as many recipes as I can AND stay very busy throughout the day.

And yet… I am sporting (not the most relevant word by any means of the imagination) a hefty BMI of 38 and back to not wanting to buy yet another size up in clothing.

So, I am going to “freestyle” my eating plan a bit less and follow a beautiful blend of Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. John McDougall. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I had an appointment with my doctor recently and he encouraged me to get steps when and where I can. So, I am back to parking at the far end of the parking lot to walk more and the plan is to start walking each day and doing a Yoga DVD I ordered a long time ago and never opened. I did lose it and just recently found it, so….

I have a perfect planner (thank-you to my sister, Donna for the gift!) that I am writing down what I eat, keeping track of my supplements, water intake and so on. This is another place I will update on. Say a pray for me or send a positive thought out for me. ūüôā Speaking of prayers, if you are struggling with taking care of yourself, need to lose weight, need more nutrition or just need a prayer, let me know. I will be blessed to pray for you!







Healing Gardens

Yesterday, I made sure all my lavender, bee balm, sage, basil, thyme, mints and peppers were well watered. It amazes me how much simple gardening tasks calm me. The weight of the world may seem heavy on my shoulders and the heartbreak of wounded hearts may have brought me to my knees and then I step outside. I lift my face to the sky and breathe in the fresh air as deeply as I can.

When I see living plants doing the same and I set about caring for each one… a shift happens in my spirit and peace greets me and meets my footpath. Watering, pulling weeds, and touching leaves becomes a dance. Now, my dance partners are three dogs and a black cat. I am working to train them away from my beauty beds and from our little chicken coop.

From the first time I didn’t kill a potted plant, (and there were many casualties before this happened!) plants, herbs, seedlings, and so on’s gave me some gladness. There is just something about watching a growing, living thing change and survive, I guess.

It makes me go a little overboard sometimes. Now, I’m picking up my gardening journal and scribbling out what seeds to seek out, wondering what plants are available locally and brain storming on how to propagate for getting and giving from and with others. ¬†I love thinking about Mamaw when the yellow bell bushes grow at the old house along with the old roses my FIL brought me in a bucket of sand around 20 years ago. They are now huge rose bushes with beautiful blooms. My massive confederate rose-bush blooms with the memory of my heart sister, Debby and I. We went to the Market on Main when it was a new Saturday morning event in our town. In the middle of the vendors selling fresh eggs, produce, baked breads and homemade soaps was someone selling plants. They were only a couple of feet tall and the guy selling them for a few dollars told us to just plant, water and watch grow. Mine grew as tall as the house!

    I watered everything so well yesterday and last night, we had rain for a few hours! The good thing is, water from heaven causes more growth than I ever get from the hose or water cans. This morning, I will do a check over everything and see what the storm left us. The birds are singing and calling us to rise and shine!

“He who believes in him, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.’ ” John 7:38







Lessons I’ve learned since yesterday:

  1. Melamine serving platters may be the best sleds ever used. I can’t say for sure since it is summer time in GA but I am curious to see if it works on snow. Here is why:¬†¬†I was walking through my bedroom yesterday morning while it was still dark. My automatic night light didn’t come to life quickly because a stack of things in need of being put away blocked the sensor. Instead of searching for the light switch to use instead, I kept walking. Well, if you want to call it that. I took three steps and slipped faster and harder than I think I ever have. I have fallen a lot but this was like something superhuman. The speed that took me from standing to flying up and sliding a few feet away was impressive. When I assessed the situation to make sure my kneecaps were still here and such, I had to see WHAT in the world I had stepped on. Not one melamine serving platter was apparently enough. A rectangle and a large circle platter were somehow working together to make sure if one didn’t succeed, surely the other would. These were purchased a long time ago for eating outside on the deck so why were they in my bedroom floor in the first place? It is likely my own fault. I did my routine – clean and organize pantry shelves, cabinets, fridge, and freezer shelves all at once deal. They were in all of that

My Duty Towards Myself



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Photo by NaMaKuKi on Pexels.com

I found this writing in a little, navy blue book I dearly love. It has been so many years that I do not recall how I came about getting it. I know it was either in a house-turned shop near where we live OR it was one I bought with some others from a used books store in London, England. The store had little walking room because it was almost entirely made up of stuffed bookshelves!   I may have been pulled back out with force or could have stayed for hours.

It bothers me to not know where it came from but I must move on. ¬†I read some from it each day and then start over after I’ve finished it.

It is, Gold Dust: A Collection of Golden Counsels for the Sanctification of Daily Life

There is no copyright but the first but the Preface is dated February 12, 1880!

This was today’s reading:

My Duty to Myself


In trials and adversity, disturbance, sickness, failure, humiliations.

Worries that trouble without reason, ill temper controlled, into order to not pain others.

After failures, to begin again. In temptations, to withstand them.


In my occupation, each at its appointed hour.

In my recreation.

In all material things, for my benefit.

Shunning scruples and constraint as much as caprice and folly.


Pious thoughts, read, mediated upon, and sometimes written.

Books that elevate and excite love for all that is good and lovely.

Conversations that refresh, rejoice, and cheer; walks that expand the mind, as well as strengthen the body.

So, there is a little dusting of gold for your day!








This Morning with Daisy

A beagle is snoring on her pet bed next to my bed. She has been with us since she was six months old and came here terrified of just about everything outside. She tried to run back into the house when she ran into a pine cone, heard a bird or saw the first sign of a squirrel.

She was already named Daisy Mae and that shortened over the years to just Daisy.

Eventually, she was able to walk and even run in somewhat of a gallop around the yard with the other dogs. Unlike the others, (especially, Miles – our other beagle), she didn’t stray far from home. I don’t know if she ever left this piece of land other than walking with Lauren… the love of Daisy’s life. Lauren, who told us she would have nothing to do with the dog and certainly would not be taking care of her in ANY way. Lauren, who was given little choice by the end of the dog’s first week in our home. Daisy followed Lauren, sat with her and let it be known that this was her new owner and it surely has been so.

The biggest problem we have had with this tri-colored, crazy cakes has been how she greets people entering the house. She howled and barked in this ear splitting way that helped many people make sure to never choose this breed for a pet. It is one of loudest sounds ever and quite relentless.  Sometimes, Lauren could sit down on the floor with Daisy and sing a son as she rubbed her soft flops of ears and lessen the assault on our ears. Other than that, we grew accustomed to giving up on greeting guests until she was done.

Other than that and an obsession with butter, bread and chew bones… she has been good. Good with people of all kinds, good with pets and probably the most loved dog of any we’ve had by the children. Our grandlittles, Emily, Caden, Hailey and Cheyanne learned to wait for her to calm down every time they came over, She would bark louder than ever when she heard/saw them in the driveway. ¬†Elijah James, our grandson used to sit down by her and lay his head on her, telling her everything would be okay. Isabelle would plop down next to or on top of her and sing to her ¬†and our little C greets her on each visit as if she is a person instead of a dog.

Daisy has a lot of health problems that are taking a toll on her and it is showing more and more. She sleeps most of the day, her breathing is labored and she doesn’t seem to have the energy or power to bark very much when we come home. She has always loved food more than anything except, maybe Lauren and she isn’t eating much dog or cat food. She would probably indulge in a ¬†pat of butter or two and may chew up a chicken leg as these are things she has gone to great lengths to sneak away with over the years.

As I type this, she wakes up and raises her head to look at me and then eases it back down. It dawns on me as I get distracted (me?! distracted?) by memories that I’ve had it all wrong with our pets through the years.

I thought I was giving of myself to allow pets in the house and helping the kids something to take care of. The truth is, now I’m seeing just how much the pets have been for us and how they have been with us. It made me realize how much it means that they have wanted to always be near us and how deeply stressed they have been ¬†when we were away. What a gift to us for them to be here faithfully in laughter, losses and what I’m now knowing is amazing love.

We don’t know if Daisy will be here a day or a year but for this day, I guess we will just carry on as usual. Let her lounge around on her place on the couch, try to make her get outside at least once a day and allow her to eat pretty much anything she wants. I won’t think about how much I’ll miss her until I have to.










Since I was a teenager, I have loved finding  what my name means, what my personality represents, and what words help define me.

It is the same with the names of others. I love hearing the meanings of a name of someone I know and seeing what is true about them and not.

My Bible reading/study and prayer time this morning had some reading and a bit of journaling on the meaning of my name.

I’ve looked this information up countless times over the years and had it memorized but searched via google to see if anything new came up. It didn’t but it was fun to see!

Sandra (Sandy) is a Greek name and is the feminine version of Alexander. It means, “helper and defender of mankind”.

This is true of me. I have defended people for as long as I can remember.¬† To this day, I can be hurt or upset with someone but still defend them boldly if they are mistreated. I am beyond protective and my son, Matthew may or may not have started calling me, “Mama Bear” years ago for a reason.

Is there always a dark side to every light side? A wrong side to ever right side?


“excessively¬†concerned¬†with¬†guarding¬†against¬†the¬†real¬†or¬†imagined¬†threat¬†of¬†criticism,¬†injury¬†to¬†one’s¬†ego,¬†or¬†exposure¬†of¬†one’s¬†shortcomings.” (www.dictionary.com)

I have a tendency to allow one thought to catch a current with countless other thoughts and that is what I did this morning. Learning the good and maybe less than best things about what my name says about me, followed with questions.

What are my strengths and where are my weaknesses?

Learning these will help me steer through things better, I believe. It shows me how to help others with the help I’ve been given through the years and gives me areas to work at improving in.

See how carried away I can get even on a supposed to be simple blog post?!

ANYway, what about you? What does your name mean?

Who decided your name and why?

For fun, go to Name meanings

and or baby names

and learn a little about your name.

May God bless and keep you beautifully through this day full of His goodness, grace and wonder!

Typing my way to healthier life spiritually, emotionally, relationship-wise, physically and more!