Graceful Teachings

It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I may learn Thy statutes. The law of Thy mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver. Psalm 119:71-71

I am doing a weekly Bible study on Psalm 119 with some beautiful friends. Verse after verse speaks truth as we listen and learn from the speaker (Matt Chandler) and discuss it all together.

I am reading the same Scriptures at home to absorb as much as I can. The Bible has so much meaning and it soaks where it flows in so many ways!

This morning, I wrote a verse my heart stopped to look at more closely. Psalm 119:27:
Make me understand the way of Thy precepts, so I will meditate on Thy wonders.

Writing this in my prayer journal, my eyes were opened and my heart reminded at all God has done for me. He guided me to read His Word and that Word rescued me from the world. Without His graceful teachings to run back to when I ran away and to run into after fleeing away from… who and where I would be isn’t a picture I’d want to see.

Something we learned last night, as a few women listened to teachings inspired by God Himself… was how vital it is that we run to God and His help and not away.

I used to think I would read my Bible, go to church, connect with others walking out a life with Jesus, when I got it together. When I quit falling as much as I was failing, then I would look up.

If I had stayed in that mindset, I would have been in a ditch of doubt and destruction or flung over a cliff with no hope to be found. God calls us to Himself  just as we are. He sees more of the landscape of our souls than we do. He knew before we were created what things we would do, see and how far we would run. He knew we would become fearful and lose our trust in His outstretched hand as sin raged the world He created. He knew we would get in such a panic that we would wound the Son He sent to save us.

He knew and He knows and He still sees what we cannot see. He sees the souls He created and the plans He had and still has for us. He does not leave us when we leave Him and He is there waiting when, in exhaustion … we stop, turn around and fall into His arms.

Do  not let anything keep you from the peace He has heaven ready to open and pour into your life. You were created for more than what this world will take  you.

I have told of my ways, and Thou hast answered me; Teach me Thy statutes.

I shall run the way of Thy commandments, For Thou wilt enlarge my heart.

This is my comfort in my affliction,

That Thou Word has revived me.

Psalm 119:26, 32, 50




Gearing up for Herb Gardening

Growing herbs is one of my favorite things. I’ve been growing them for over 20 years and they are a bigger success than anything, garden wise. Flowers and trees have tried to grab their own roots up and run from me and vegetables choose a few per season to fight through the soil.

This past summer, I may have harvested a cereal bowl amount of tomatoes out of the seven plants I got in the ground. We carried Peppers  in by the basket full the previous garden season. This past summer? I could have used a tiny shovel from our grand littles for the whole lot!

What made it through the heat, time grabbing situations, sometimes inconsistent care and constant motion of pets, children and foot traffic? My lemon balm. This amazing, huge plant of small and large foliage, filled with fragrance and with so many benefits welcomed me from the center of my garden. A new lemon balm was a few feet away and I am excited to hopefully, welcome them both back this summer.

Dill planted by the grand darlings sprang up and happily waved from the spot we first planted. Well, each grand child had a section to plant and post a sign or stick with their names on it. They chose what seeds they wanted from corn, dill, watermelon, tomatoes, and pumpkins. We used sticks and stones to separate each space and edged the whole of it using stones from this yard… gathering memories, family history and love with each one. The stones are now thrown here and there and the sticks have been used as swords to defend and protect other parts of the yard. The dill? It was the last and only survivor!

Oregano kept vigil in the corner of a side house bed my husband made me a few summers ago. All winter, every winter… there are signs of life in this plant and as soon as warm weather returns, I have a beautiful plant to cook from and use.

Basil, lavender, parsley, rosemary and sage held on and held out and all except the basil are still hanging in there.

Herbs seem to help, heal and hover through it all. Maybe we could learn something from these forgiving, on going and growing plants…

As Rosemary is to the Spirit, so Lavender is to the Soul.
–  Anonymous

via Why, and How to, Grow Calendula

Creamy No-Chicken Noodle Soup

We had a rare day at home today and after spending some time cleaning and relaxing, dinner time was here. I didn’t have anything planned and I really didn’t want to spend a long time in the kitchen. Alas! We still had to eat.

I’m trying to feed us from my kitchen and table and NOT from fast food, restaurants, and so on. I wanted to try the Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup again that I shared with you in the post before this one. I got all the ingredients out and realized I didn’t have a few main ingredients. I improvised and it turned out very good anyway!

Creamy No-Chicken Noodle Soup of sorts

2 diced onions

4 minced garlic cloves

3 carrots, cut in small slices or to be close in size (I cut the bigger parts of the carrots in half and then cut again)

2 sliced stalks of celery

butter – 3 Tablespoons

2 cups cauliflower, cut or broken into bite sized pieces

4 Tablespoons of seasoned vegetable base (Better Than Bouillon, meat free)

6 cups of water

sea salt


Italian seasoning

angel hair pasta

2 cups of spinach, I chopped some I found in the freezer

2 Tablespoons butter

2 Tablespoons of flour

1 cup of heavy cream

I set the instant pot to saute mode and sautéed 3 Tablespoons of butter, and the first five ingredients. Next, I added the Better than Bouillon, water, salt, pepper, seasonings and pasta. I stirred it all together (not the last four ingredients) and put the lid on. I cleared the saute setting and did a manual pressure cook on high for 6 minutes. While that cooked, I made the slurry (just blending the flour and butter together – so glad my amazing MIL showed me how to do this years ago!)

As soon as the six minutes of pressure cooking ended, I did a quick release on the steam (just letting the steam out instead of waiting for it to eventually do down) and opened the pot. In went the chopped spinach, slurry, and heavy cream. I let it cook long enough to mix the last ingredients.

For mine, I ate as it was and loved it. For my husband and son, I cut one chicken breast (previously cooked) into bite sized pieces and divided it between their bowls. The soup was so steaming hot, I ladled it over the chicken and mixed it up. They loved it and thought it was just right with it being cold outside.

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” ― Edith Sitwell

Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

Yesterday went well and I kept with my goals to an extent. I didn’t end up exercising and I had less than five bites where sugar was the involved. 

I had a lovely lunch out with beautiful friends and took care of some house and home things. 

My DI💙, Brandy wanted to try a creamy chicken noodle soup in her new instant pot. I found this recipe and was at their house to try it out. It was so, so good! We are both making it again and she had the great idea for me to make this for my next Ladies in Faith meeting! 

Creamy chicken noodle soup

I have a goal to work through some of my cookbooks, printed recipes, and those added to my Plan to Eat recipes. Maybe I will manage to share them here! 

“Soup is the song of the hearth…and the home.” Louis P  De Gouy

Taking Today

My beautiful and strong mother used to always remind herself to take things one day at a time. She knew there was not a thing she could do to change yesterday and the days yet to come were beyond help to worry with. The day she was breathing, loving and working in was the place to pour her energy. 

This day, I set out to do the same! 

I stretched this morning before getting out of bed. Six morning Stretches It revealed more to me about my body than I was thrilled to note. It also started me off doing something about it and that feels good. 

I have seen my husband to work, started laundry, read my Bible and worked through more of the books I’m reading. 
Daily planning is done and I am headed to to do the rest of my morning routine. 

This morning, my breakfast will be a green smoothie with whatever ingredients I have until shopping. 

One meal at a time. One task at a time. One decision at a time. One day at a time. 

 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matthew 6:33‭-‬34 

Quick note on last post:


I was reviewing this and recent audio books because when you finish listening to one, a review pops up. I click the stars and leave a quick review and that is that. On this one, there is a place at the end where you can add a member number if you join as a member.

It dawned on me that I should add my Young Living member number.

Mine is: 1609017

Normally, I would share this info after having/hosting a class, sharing a mini book or a cd on essential oils but I didn’t think about it when I posted the review!

Typing my way to healthier life spiritually, emotionally, relationship-wise, physically and more!