Stumbling Survival

Monday: Start day. I planned the gym but had a grand little for a couple of hours so I just did house work. Nutrition was fairly good. Inadequate sleep.

Tuesday: Salads and sweet potatoes all day and was over my calorie goal by almost 500. 8, 147 steps. Inadequate sleep.

Wednesday: 3, 894 steps. Inadequate sleep. Salads and sweet potatoes.

Thursday: 11, 730 steps, 7 floors, and almost 5 miles total! Inadequate sleep. Salads and sweet potatoes, tilapia meal with steamed vegetables, half macaroni and cheese and half fried shrimp with some fries from a restaurant. I shared with my daughter. 🙂

Friday: Less than 5,000 steps. Inadequate sleep. Nutrition unknown. I don’t have anything tracked and I do not recall much at all on what I ate!

Saturday: 3,141 steps. 4 hours of sleep.

Sunday: Rest day. Soft tacos… all day.

Monday: 7,767 steps. Inadequate sleep. Had no breakfast, a salad and flour tortilla for lunch. Taco bell spicy potato taco and 1/2 of a chicken burrito for snack. A few grapes and some kettle popcorn. Naan bread with salad for dinner.

Since I started, I’ve walked well two times and gone to the gym two times. I have worked hard doing deeper cleaning for over two hours twice and stayed very active and on my feet. I needed WAY more consistency in exercising and meal prepping and I am working to improve on those this week.

Today/Tuesday: So far, I’ve had a far too tiny cup of coffee with half n half and missed the gym this morning.

My first update since I haven’t been carving out more regularly sharing on this journey! I haven’t weighed but will do that when I’m up to it. I’ll know more from what I feel than the scale’s tale any way!

“You are the God who works wonders; You have made known Your strength among the peoples.” Psalms 77:14


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