It is what it is…

My husband’s family (which, of course is also my family 🙂 has used, “It is what it is” for as long as I’ve known them.

A challenge, crisis, difficulty, or trial would come and someone or everyone would eventually start the steps to deal with -whatever it was- with those five words.

MS, health scares, surgeries, losses, and life changes were what they were. Through the years, I’ve noticed a healthy pattern of facing them:

  1. Look at what is happening and see what you are dealing with.
  2. Find and figure out the choices to fix or manage it.
  3. Accept it and start moving in the direction chosen to carry it through.

I am writing this because I started yet another transformation plan for my health and I want to share it. Sharing keeps me more accountable and will provide a journal of before and after to help me and possibly inspire others.

The thing is, I have put off sharing and starting because there have been so many failed starts and stops in the past. It made me weary to be open and I think of how ridiculous it is that I have been here so often without a victory story. As I felt the frustration of being back at day one for what feels like the millionth time… it came to me. “It is what it is.”

I am where I am. I’ve done what I’ve done. Now what?

Now, I’m at a new point and a new place. The past starts are all different.

So, here goes!

  1. LOOK. What is happening? I weigh 228 pounds and have only weighed more once or twice in my entire life. My clothes are all snug (what a cozy word for uncomfortable and tight) and my stomach gets in the way of basic movements. My back has shifted discs and holding up these 98  excess pounds on my frame is causing pain. My knee that was injured years ago hurts and limits some of my activities. I have a double chin that makes my aversion to pictures even worse. I get out of breath doing house work and I have worse allergies than in  years. Eczema is also covering a large part of my torso!
  2. FIGURE. What will fix these things? Weight loss. I need to lose weight and get body strong. This will involve a winning mind-set, nutrition, and exercising. I am working on a plan to meal prep, drink enough water, track what I’m doing, and having time for bodybuilding and cardio every day. More than these … but keeping things simple is paramount!
  3. ACCEPT it. I am obese and my cells have been inadequately fed so it is time to move past the realization to my chosen plan.

Today’s thought?

It is what it is but what will it be?

Time will show and we will see …







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