Lime in the Coconut

My husband made a lime & strawberry smoothie recently and we all loved it. I was making a quick smoothie after my work out this morning and wanted something similar. I ended up making everything based around coconut milk and lime juice because it just sounded delicious. 🙂

I got out one of my favorite culinary resources book wise; vegetarian flavor bible The Vegetarian Flavor Bible by Karen Page. I looked up limes and the book will list flavors that go well with whatever you are looking for. I ended up with this smoothie:


Lime in the Coconut smoothie

8 ounces coconut milk

1/2 frozen banana

2 hands full spinach

1 scoop of nutrition/protein powder, strawberry flavor

1 cup of ice

Fresh lime juice, 2 limes


I ended up adding some water and 1 tsp. of green tea powder

This smoothie has these possible health benefits:


  • reduce arthritis symptoms,
  • can help prevent the hardening of arteries,
  • can fight cancer cells,
  • helps against cold and flu.


  • protects the colon,
  • good for your heart,
  • helps lower high blood pressure,
  • helps maintain brain function, memory and mental clarity.


  • helps control heart rate and blood pressure,
  • helps regulate digestive system,
  • the magnesium helps strengthen bones and protects the heart.

I’ve been studying nutrition for 26 years and I have notes from so many sources since I started. I am still so amazed by all there is to learn about nutrition. For the sake of simplicity, I gathered these health benefits from one place in case you’d like to read more on each or all. It is Dr. Mercola’s site, .


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