Morning Routine


I have finally settled and sorted my summer morning routine!

  • See my husband off to work with a thermos of coffee, a thermos of oatmeal and a thermos or shaker cup of nutritional shake. Take my thyroid medicine.
  • Quiet time. Read my Bible with a cup of coffee. Pray, meditate, daily affirmations, visualization, reading and checking my planner.
  • Make our bed. I need to get more pillows and pretty this up!
  • Exercise. I am aiming for either 30 minutes in the mornings and 30 more in the evenings or all 60 in the morning.
  • Shower. Face. Hair. Get ready.
  • Tidy bathroom. Quick shower wipe down, sinks and counters, toilet inside and out and vacuum or sweep now or when I’m doing the rest of the floors.
  • Empty/re-load dishwasher and breakfast. Make kefir or check on it.
  • Get laundry going while doing daily cleaning. Hot hot spots, pick up and vacuum/sweep and quick mop. I like to listen to books, In Touch radio and podcasts while I’m getting things done and I finish by putting water and essential oils in all my diffusers.
  • Online time. Checking emails, watching my YouTube subscriptions and working on businesses. This last part of my routine has been the most neglected so I’m working to keep up with it better.

Do do you have a morning routine? If so, do you have it at the same time each day and what does it look like in your home?


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