Rice cooker/ steamer food prep 

I love food and meal prepping! I learned some of the basics for this from my mom. She was a single mom and she commuted to work. She planned our meals out once a week, down to the snacks. Anything she could prepare ahead for the week and/or the next day, she did. As a result, we had three meals a day to include a cooked dinner and after school snacks. 

When my kids were babies, I planned ahead for their food when we were at home or gone for the day. 

Now, I’m planning and prepping for the three of us left at home (and I make extra for our daughter for the minutes she is home now:) and it makes a difference for our fitness and health. When I fall off track in this area, we notice it. 

I’m always looking for fresh and new and tried and true ideas and tips. I also try a lot in my kitchen. 

I like creatively using my appliances to make the absolute most of each one. 

One if my favorites is using a rice cooker/steamer. I got a SS Miracle brand from Amazon after having it in my wish list for two years. As soon as the price got low enough, I bought it. That was several years ago and I love it! I don’t use aluminum or non-stick after reading of the health risks.

In the rice cooking part, I cook grains, wild rice, and more. In the steamer, I steam vegetables of just about every kind. Today, I tried elephant garlic, peeled and sliced sweet potatoes, and thickly cut carrots in the steamer/top. I also added two eggs to see if they would cook as well as boiling them. Everything turned out perfect! I drizzled some balsamic vinegar and tamarin sauce on them (iver quinoa) and they were delicious! 

If you have used your rice cooker/steamer for different foods, I would love to hear your creations. Please email me at smile529@gmail.com or comment here.😊 



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