Going to bed instead!

For hours, I have attempted to find a picture for a post I want to send out and to write at least something on an article I’ve been hoping to connect more than two sentences on. Hours.

I have stopped for the phone, stopped when people spoke to me, stopped to answer questions, and stopped to guide a 12-year-old back to his bed. He needed to know if he has to go to school in the morning if his tooth is still loose. We don’t know if the tooth is a baby (I think he still somehow had a baby tooth or two left to lose) or permanent and it doesn’t matter since at this point – it isn’t ready to come out. He can’t sleep, needs a new bed, is hungry again and  I just realized … he didn’t read for the required amount of time given by his teacher to read.

I’ve returned to the screen just to have my computer freeze up with Windows 10 … again… and hinted *quite opposite of subtly* for my husband to come to the rescue. For some reason, almost every electronic I touch – goes crazy but comes back to life and/or order the second he arrives on the scene.

He got it working again and I sat down so many times to type … I literally lost count. Our 15 year old beagle coughed, gagged, wagged, barked, wanted in, needed out, and tried out the dog bed and  who knows how many blankets before he went to harass someone else for 11 seconds.

One of the cats managed to make knocking a plastic pitcher off of a foot stool sound more like a small plane crashing in our living room and the other cat meowed so loudly I thought it was our son being funny/loud to keep from going to sleep.

I cleaned off the bed, did laundry, asked our daughter to empty and reload the dishwasher and made a cup of tea. The tea  was cold by the time I got half way through it and the dog is back to barking at my feet and looking at me as though I care for nothing and for no one other than myself.

The plan was to get my picture/post completed and to write as I already shared. I was going to do those things even if I did nothing else. I didn’t get them done, am not getting them done  SO  I am going to BED instead!


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