I’ve been sleeping in…

My usual wake -up time is 5:00 am. That works just right for many reasons and it is the start of my entire day.

For the past several days, I have been sleeping in to make up for the many hours of sleep I’ve lost staying up late. I’ve stayed up late in this crazy & wild kind of need to not be interrupted. It has somehow become the only time I can read, type or write without stopping to cook, clean, answer, explain, help, fix, or listen. All of those things are good things – very good things that bless and beautify my life and I love them. I just also need whispers of time like this … it is 12:22 am and the only sounds are of this old keyboard where keys are used by memory becย the letters have worn off and the soft tumble of our dryer.

Braxton couldn’t sleep because he has also been sleeping in and I have let him with glorious abandon. Sleep also alluded him due to a long time baby tooth finally loosening enough to come out. He has been in bed for hours – and I remembered that I re-filled his oil bottles so he rubbed some Cedarwood (mixed with a bit of olive oil) on and I am running a diffuser with it… he is quiet and that almost surely means he is asleep. Thank You, Lord, for essential oils.

Anyway, I am setting my alarm for 5:00 am and Braxton’s for 6:00 or 6:30 (he asked for 5:00 …but, no.) and it will be hard to get up with no sleep, but maybe we will more easily slumber at an earlier time tomorrow night!


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