Day 27 of 31: Non-dairy Kefir – 2 Recipes

I have been making Kefir for years and am just now learning interesting ways to make it in non-dairy ways.

#1: Cashew Kefir

The most recent try I made has been one of my favorites! It is cashew Kefir and I learned it from this wonderful site on cultured foods. I bought the book, Cultured For Life, by Donna Schwenk awhile ago and LOVE it so far. Anyway, the recipe on her blog for cashew milk is so easy and it turned out deliciously well 🙂

I knew Kefir grains needed dairy milk to stay alive but the blog post you will see if you visit the Cultured for Life link has a reader’s tip at the bottom on a vegan way to keep the grains alive.

The link provided in this post takes you right to the exact recipe.  You just blend some cashews with water and let it stay in a jar of 8-12 hours with some live, Kefir grains. When the time is done, you strain the grains and drink it or use it in smoothies, baking recipes and much more. You’ll want to check out the actual recipe for success, of course!

#2: Coconut Kefir

This was amazing! I really loved this and I actually used the Thai Kitchen Light coconut milk for mine. It is an easy and quick process of adding some Kefir grains to coconut milk for several hours and then straining the grains before using. Kefir seems to be made in almost identical ways no matter what type you are making.  Anyway, here is the youtube video I used the recipe from to make my coconut kefir.





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