Exercise. Another work out towards my goal…

My doctor told me a long time ago that because of my thyroid issues and being obese as long as I have – I need to exercise an hour a day 5-6 days a week to be at the healthy size I want to maintain.

I haven’t been very consistent with that … yet. Here are some uplifting thoughts I had tonight:

* What I read in “Smart Girls do Dumbbells” by Judith Sherman-Wolin almost 10 years ago is true: Something is better than nothing. Any exercising I do for any amount of time is better than not doing it at all. If I habitually DO the movement and get a rhythm going, the fantastic days will balance out those with less calorie burning.

* Time should be managed by me … not me managed by what I have always read to be ideal. I have always fought to keep my exercise routines forced around as early in the morning in my schedule as possible. I did this for years and it is my preferred way to work out. The only two times I’ve gone to the blessing of a gym we are going to now has been late at night. I have to go when there is someone to watch our son and somewhere between making meals, cleaning house, spending time with my family, serving in Christian hospitality and on the list goes.

* Lastly, every work out I find a way to fit in brings me closer to my hopes and goals for a healthy life. Every time I go to the gym, do an exercise DVD at home or anything else to strengthen my body… I am building habits that will help me all the way around in the long run.

My eating today and the past few days has been far from my plan but I finally got a work out in. This is the second one in 3 or more weeks but we have to start somewhere, right?

Polar FT4 Stats:

Duration: 01:23:29

Calories: 564

Five hundred and sixty four calories burned?! So glad!

Average heart rate: 130

Maximum heart rate: 155

In zone; 01:15:26

Time for bed!


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