Day 24 of 31: Eggplant burgers

My daughter made another scrumptious dinner to share!

Eggplant burgers

Slice eggplant and place on jelly roll sheet, salt and leave for 30 minutes. Press dry with a dry cloth when all the water beads up (might take two times).

In a small bowl, mix approximately 1/4 cup of  Light Ranch and 1/2 cup of  parmesan cheese and spread this over the slices. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes and then broil for four minutes or until the tops are golden and bubbly.

Assemble burgers:

Layer Bagel thins (we used the Sandwich thins from Aldi’s) with one eggplant slice, one red onion slice and another eggplant slice.

Top with mixed salad greens or lettuce, if desired.

Spread sandwich thin with condiments, optional

VERY good!


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