Day 19 of 31: Morning Mockshake

My 5th grade son loves milkshakes. He used to beg for them when we went through the fast food line – in place of a soft drink or with one. No. Been there, done that and do NOT want to repeat again!

I want him to eat breakfast at our table before school but he hasn’t eaten this for years. He says just isn’t hungry and our 20-year-old daughter is the same way.

Our school system now gives all the kids free breakfast so he has access to that every school day but there are a lot of choices high in sugar. He knows how to check labels for sugar and we strive for 12 grams of sugar or under per serving and my preference for him is under 5 grams.

Since he loves smoothies and his dad makes one almost every single night, I have been making him smoothies he can take Β with him and drink on the way to school.

Morning Mockshake

8 ounces of cashew milk, unsweetened

1 banana

1/4 cup of rolled oats (quick oats would work just as well)

1 tsp. cinnamon

Dash of ground cloves

1 – 2 cups of ice

Blend. That’s it!


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