Day 18 of 31: Cheesy Cauliflower Soup

I wrote an entire post about Cheesy caulifower soup and lost tne entire thing. I left the computer and came back to nothing working on it. It wouldn’t save, wouldn’t publish, wouldn’t edit and wouldn’t work at all!

I was just saying that when I changed my diet to healthier and more healing foods, I forewent my love of trying new recipes unless they were ultra healthy. What I am learning is – I can make recipes with what ingredients I want!

My DIL saw a cauliflower soup by the Pioneer woman and I decided to make it for our weekly Bible study.  I omitted the bacon, sauteed the onion in butter an coconut oil and substituted the cheese with two Laughing Cow cream cheese wedges.

A bowl was taken home by my DIL and when she got home, my grandgirl ate almost the whole bowl and recognized the taste of the coocnut oil added!


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