Day 17 of 31: Oats to go

Every morning, I fill a food container with oatmeal, brown sugar and half-n-half for my husband to take to work.

One day when every one of the 42 containers with lids had yet again disappeared to a place I don’t know of, I was trying to find something else travel friendly for the oatmeal. I grabbed a thermos, poured it about 1/2 full with dry oatmeal, added boiling water until it was maybe an inch or two from the top and added two spoons of brown sugar before closing. I wondered how much the oats would swell but all went well and since the oatmeal was still hot when eaten, it worked way better than the previous way.

In the slight case anyone thought I was being literal with us having 42 containers with lids, I wasn’t. I have no idea how many we had but I wouldn’t doubt that we’ve gone through at least that many in the past several months.

So, I realized the concept is very similar to the overnight oats. You just put what you want to flavor the oats, mix or layer and eat and heat the next morning.

The oats to go could have cinnamon, pecans, or walnuts added. Fruit would be sweet mixed up or topped to stir later and the toppings or stir ins could be whatever spices and/or textures desired!


6 thoughts on “Day 17 of 31: Oats to go”

  1. I love oatmeal, but Ive never tried the overnight oats. I love pumpkin oatmeal – I guess I could set up the oats, spice and liquid at night and add the pumpkin in the morning after I’ve heated it. I think I will have to try.

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