Day 15 of 31: Vegetable Soup

My mom made the best vegetable soup. It was always my second to oldest sister’s favorite and over the years has become a favorite of mine!

I also loved a vegetable soup at a local restaurant from years ago that is no longer in business. The owner and I become beautiful friends and she shared some of her soup making secrets.

I blended my mother’s recipe with my restaurant friend’s and came up with a delicious version for comfort any time of the year.

Vegetable Soup


A bit of butter, oil, or coconut oil (unrefined)

onion, chopped

garlic, chopped or minced

carrots, sliced or cut into bite sized pieces

potatoes, quartered

celery, chopped

vegetables to make it yours – this is where I add everything left in the fridge πŸ™‚ broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, peas, zucchini, yellow squash, etc.,

tomatoes: you can use these with what you have or what flavor/texture you prefer. I use what I have (I know this is being repeated continually but ’tis true!) of tomato juice, tomato sauce, boxed/fresh tomatoes, or canned. I avoid the last on the list due to high sodium content and concerns over the possible harm to our health. This site shares why.

salt, pepper and seasonings

Chicken or vegetable broth

Stir ins: I almost always stir something into my soup after the vegetables are cooked. Left over chick peas, white beans, or barley are delicious additions!

Saute the onions in butter or oil in a dutch oven Β on medium heat for a few minutes and stir a few times around the pot. Add carrots, potatoes and celery and stir around a few times while they soften. Once these are starting to soften, add the chopped garlic.

Add salt, pepper and any seasonings you like. I usually add onion powder, Mrs. Dash or Italian seasoning to mine.

Pour in the tomatoes and chicken broth and stir everything together. Add any additional vegetables and stir until all the vegetables are cooked but not too soft.

Add any stir ins you choose. Optional.

Simmer on low Β heat until all the flavors are rich and the food is cooked well.

It adds a pretty and tasty touch to top with parsley, parmesan cheese, nutritional yeast or a spoon of sour cream.




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