Day 12 of 31: Egg sandwich

Egg Sandwich

Pumpernickel bread from Aldi’s (Trim Healthy Mama approved!) The slices are nice sized rectangles so I break one in two pieces and it is like having two pieces of bread.

Free range eggs

Nutritional yeast

coconut oil or non-stick spray

mayonnaise, mustard, or red hot sauce (just something on the bread if you want it. I have hot sauce on mine.)


Bragg’s liquid aminoes or Tamari sauce

I just sautee the mushrooms in Bragg’s liquid aminoes or tamari sauce (I use the latter)  and cook the eggs over easy (or whichever one it is that is cooked all the way but still has a runny yolk) in the same skillet but separated OR in separate skillets.  Season with salt and pepper. While these are cooking, rub a bit of butter, non-stick spray, or coconut oil on a griddle or skillet and place the bread in the pan.

Place one of  your seared bread SEARED SIDE UP and slide the egg onto the seared side. Top the egg with mushrooms and sprinkle nutritional yeast over that. Place the other piece of bread seared side down and press  on top. Eat with a fork! Really filling and so good!


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