Day 10 of 31: What we made today…

It is one minute after midnight so I kind of failed on my goal to write something each day for 31 days on this blog. Perfectionism to the winds… I’m writing day 10 now.

Today, here are the “recipes” with something in each one with healthy ingredients and healing properties in one form or another.

My husband had a rare breakfast at home for a week day this morning and he ate eggs, bacon, and toast with our son before school. I take medicine in the mornings and have to wait an hour to eat so I quickly peeled some oranges and threw them in the blender with some ice. I served fresh and frosty orange juice to go with the other food. Delicious and beneficial to our health!

Through my years and years of studying nutrition, health, and wellness revealed certain healing properties found in oranges. They can help with inflammatory conditions like asthma, arthritis and things along those lines. The Vitamin C can also lower high blood pressure.

I found this site with some neat nutrition facts about oranges.

For lunch, I made salmon patties very similar to the crabby patties recipe in the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook. My granddaughter ate these and hash browns for her lunch.

For something sweet, we made Strawberry Cream Truffles and two pans are empty tonight. I used frozen, thawed and drained strawberries bec I didn’t have fresh. I also did half with melted chocolate chips (not healthy) and the other half with the homemade chocolate recipe linked on the recipe page … (more healthy).

Other than these, we had homemade chicken salad in the afternoon and salads for dinner. My daughter made a DELICIOUS drink she named, Date Milk.

It was unsweetened almond milk, pitted dates and a banana. So calming and comforting!


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