Day 9 of 31: Banana ice cream: 5 flavors

I think I’ve already mentioned banana ice cream but I eat it so often that I chose to share some flavors to blend or mix into this wonderful treat.

All you need for the ice cream base is frozen bananas. I break mine up into bite size pieces and freeze them flat in freezer bags. When I want to make ice cream, the banana bites break apart easily and I put them in the food processor or blender. I let my bananas thaw just a bit to keep my blender from trying to jump into the front yard.

I usually don’t add liquids but if I want soft serve, I will add a little water, almond milk or coconut milk.

1. My favorite at present is chocolate and peanut butter banana cream!

For 1-3 servings (1 serving if you want a bowl and 3 servings if you put in little cups as we do)

4 or more bananas

2 Tablespoons of peanut flour (they have this at Walmart and Kroger now!)

1/2 to 1 T. of cocoa powder (adjust to taste)

That is it! Those just get blended until creamy and it is a lovely treat.

2. Chocolate cherry.

For this, you use the same recipe as #1, omitting the peanut flour. Instead, add 1 cup of frozen or fresh, pitted cherries. Delicious! Some prefer a very sweet ice cream so you can add a drop or two of honey or stevia if it isn’t sweet enough. Please try it first though because there are natural sugars in the fruit! Another thing – cherries are simply amazing mixed with coconut milk or cream so an optional splash of that in the ice cream may be an added treat.

3. Fruit & berry.

Prepare the same recipe as in #1, omitting the peanut flour and cocoa powder. Blend in or fold in, one cup of fresh or frozen strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, sliced peaches or mangoes.Β 

4. Nutty bananas

Use the recipe in #1, omitting the peanut flour and cocoa powder (or keep them for extra goodness πŸ™‚ and add 1/2 to 1 cup of almond, peanut, pecan, or cashew butter. You can eat as is or add some chopped nuts in the ice cream or sprinkled over the top. Very filling!

5. Cinnamon & Spice.Β 

Start with #1 recipe, omitting peanut flour and cocoa. Add to the banana ice cream (or on top and swirl into) these spices:

*Important* You want enough of these to taste but too much will be obvious quickly. Be generous with the cinnamon, pumpkin or apple pie spice and nutmeg but light on the allspice or cloves!


Pumpkin Spice OR Apple Pie Spice



Ground Cloves

I know that those are all the same or similar blends but they make coffee fall in a cup and they Β are really good in banana ice cream!



3 thoughts on “Day 9 of 31: Banana ice cream: 5 flavors”

  1. Peanut flour?? Is that the PB2? I have some of that. I get bananas at the local farmers market when they have them in the $.99 buggy!! Actually I live in that buggy!!. This banana ice cream sounds great. I will try this tomorrow for sure. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, PB2 is a good brand! I get the same bananas when they are available – I try to find things as ripe as I can and those buggies are the BEST, aren’t they?! I think you will love this ice cream. Blake and Braxton loved it today and every one who has ever tried it here has loved it! Let me know how you like it πŸ™‚

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