Day 8 of 31: In my kitchen…

I am going to “give a gathering” of recipes from my kitchen since this 31 day blog challenge started. Let’s go right to the recipes!

Recipe #1:

After school strawberry smoothie

Strawberry kefir (about 8 ounces)

coconut water (approximately 1/4 cup)

Frozen strawberries (1 cup?)

A touch of raw honey

Ice – a cup or more

My 5th grader loved this and drank it straight down.

Recipe #2:

I have been wanting to try this recipe for raw vegan popcorn chicken from a blog (blog link below recipe) I’ve kept up with for a while.  I got it in the dehydrator the other day and it  was hard to not eat the trays clean while they were drying! I also sent them with my husband and two of his co workers wanted the recipe. 🙂

The next time, I will probably take the trays out earlier (I put them in this time overnight and part of the next day) or see how they do in the oven. I realize the recipe will no longer be raw but it doesn’t have to be for us.  Around here, I am focusing on nutrition and not necessarily one diet.

Anyway, I am including the video since there is a precious gentleman of a boy making it and just to show how easy it is. I’m including a “recipe” of what I did as well.

We only had one cauliflower but after trying this, I plan to buy six as they did in the video.

One head of cauliflower, broken in small florets.

Drizzle olive oil

Sprinkle on chili powder

Sprinkle on cumin

Sprinkle on nutritional yeast

salt & pepper

I was quite generous with everything except the salt & pepper.

I put this on dehydrator trays and cooked at around 125 overnight and some of the next day.

Thank you to A Raw Lifestyle!

Recipe #3:

Nothing short of Vibrant  ~ salad dressing

I put a whole, peeled pineapple (cut up) in my blender and added some water. I blended it and poured it into a Mason jar and put in the fridge to chill it for an afternoon green smoothie.

There was a tiny amount of pineapple left in the blender jar and I was making dressing for salad so I left it. I added water, nutritional yeast, red, yellow and orange sweet peppers (the small kind you buy in a bag), spinach leaves, cucumber, sea salt, cayenne pepper, tahini, a few seasonings, and a drizzle of olive oil. I also added one peeled, cut up orange, a teaspoon of raw honey and two dates.

Recipe #4: (Not really a recipe!)

I served this over a rainbow chopped salad. Today, I made it in minutes bec/ I put greens in my blender and added one peeled, cut up orange, the same sweet, colored peppers, cucumber, and probably something else I’m forgetting!  I topped it with raw pumpkin seeds (pepitas) and raw sunflower seeds and it was so very good. I ate a large bowl…

IMG_8894[1] IMG_8895[1]

I meant to stir the dressing into the salad and take a picture of that but forgot!


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