Day 7 of 31: Steel cut oats in a rice cooker!

I love oats. I grew up somewhat indifferent to them but motherhood brought on a new appreciation from instant oats to steel-cut.

It used to be confusing to figure out what type of oats best for us to eat and with five kids … I needed to figure out the best and most filling nutrition for the money being spent.

I have gone away from buying instant or flavored oatmeal regularly bec/ the flavored has too much sugar and if I need instant, I will just whirl my oats in the food processor. Even so, sometimes, my sister will give us boxes of fruit and cream oatmeal packets and every last bag is devoured by our 5th grader son and/or grandkids almost as quickly as they are prepared! 🙂

Since I am making a recipe in my kitchen to share each day for 31 days,  [7 down and 24 to go] – I will share what I made this morning.

Rice cooker oats

1 cup of steel-cut oats

3 cups of water

Dash or two of sea salt

I soaked the oats for a little over an hour but it will likely work just as well without this step.

I turned on the rice cooker (my cooker only has warm or cook so it is easy!) and put the steam basket on and added some frozen strawberries and frozen blueberries. Next time, I will wait to add these – maybe half way through cooking because they were REALLY cooked.

When the cooker switched from cook to warm, I mixed the steamed fruit in and put some in a bowl. I thinly sliced 1/2 of a banana and generously sprinkled cinnamon and a dash of Stevia in before stirring. I loved it!

This method is appealing to me bec/ I’m thinking of mixing my oats and water in the rice cooker the night before and starting it when I get up. I can also  make ahead and freeze it or put a couple of day’s in the fridge for breakfast or snacking.

The oatmeal can be flavored according to mood. Ideas:

* Apple pie oatmeal. Don’t add the blueberries and strawberries. Stir in apple pie spice (buy or make your own) and add freshly chopped apples or stewed apple slices.

* Chocolate peanut butter oatmeal. Omit any extras you don’t want and a add peanut butter powder or any nut butter you choose and a spoon or so of cocoa powder.

* Autumn bowl: (I made whatever my DIL named, “Fall coffee” and I think it would be delicious in oatmeal. Just add pumpkin spice, allspice, cinnamon and cloves.

Look tomorrow for a raw cauliflower recipe I saw online and maybe something else? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Day 7 of 31: Steel cut oats in a rice cooker!”

  1. Pretty sure Im going to try this – I love oatmeal, and Im sure a pumpkin spice flavored steel cut oats bowl will be delightful! I’ve never made oats in the slow cooker before. Can’t wait to try!

    1. I hope you like oats cooked this way, Maxine! My daughter tried them tonight and loved them. I have some soaking in the rice cooker now for in the morning. I’ll just turn it on and they will be done while I make coffee in the Chemex pot!

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