Day 6 of 31: Quinoa Bowls

I have been flying through each day of this challenge and I know it shows. It has been a challenge for me to fit in writing for some time and this seemed an ideal opportunity to make it happen. I am choosing to not get hung up on perfectionism and just want to get a healthy, healing or both of those RECIPE for each of the 31 days.

Today, I made quinoa bowls by cooking two cups of quinoa in my rice cooker with 5 cups of water. My rice cooker has a steamer basket on top so I cut cabbage into slabs of sorts and cut it up more when both were done.

On the stove, I sautéed a variety of sweet and hot peppers with some onions, carrots, and mushrooms. This mixture looked so pretty!

I layered the bowls with:

1st layer: Quinoa (On mine, I put a raw dressing on top. The dressing was raw cashews, Organic apple cider vinegar, two garlic cloves, tamari sauce, pink sea salt, a small amount of honey, parsley, and water. These ingredients were blended and small amounts of water were added until the texture was creamy enough.

This may not sound amazing but we really like it. I have been making variations for years. You can substitute quinoa with brown rice, white rice, or soaked grains. If you choose to use quinoa, here is a neat site showing all sorts of nutritional information on it.

These bowls are easily made ahead for easy eating during the week and is excellent for daily travels.

2nd layer: Vegetables mentioned above.

3rd layer:


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