Day 4 of 31: On the go – Planning & Prepping

One of hardest things over the whole of my nutritional eating attempts has been with what happens when I get really busy. I have waited for things to calm down, for me to get more organized than I already try to be or just for me to be inside my own kitchen for every one of my meals.

The way of my life is very active and I am on the go whether I’m ready or not! Appointments, school activities, family in need of loving care and regular visiting are all things that make up my average day.

3 Quick Takes (for better culinary control while away from home)

1. Blender drinks. The easiest thing to do for healthy foods on the go is blending up green smoothies. They are easy to drink, easy to carry and give an immune building boost to the body. A few ingredients can be blended up, a dot of detergent and warm water can pulse clean the blender and the nutrients are portable.

Note: I look for sales on blender cups and carry those with me or Mason jars with straws or Cuppow lids.

2. Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables or both. You can take bananas almost anywhere and the same is true for many fruits. Mangoes, oranges, strawberries, and peaches can be eaten on the go with little inconvenience. I have a variety in sizes of food containers (I am always looking for sales on these) and I take a small knife and vegetable peeler for things that need more than chewing them to be eaten. It is a good idea to keep a damp cloth with food for wiping up sticky juices.

Vegetables are wonderful if you take a few minutes to wash, dry and cut/peel them. Some staples to consider are celery, carrots, sweet peppers, and/or cucumbers. A small container of a healthy, homemade dip is a nice thing to take along.

3. Salads. You can make chopped salads, simple salads, or salads with everything tossed in or organized in small containers and put together later with dressing.

I put greens in one container, any chopped, sliced, or pre-cut vegetables in another and tuck a bottle of homemade salad dressing in the same bag. There are some freezer lunch bags I really love that go from the freezer to car and beyond and I put dips, dressings, and drink in the one I share with my son.

Sometimes we will bring avocados, nuts, seeds, or other healthy toppings – just depending on where we are going.

These are very basic and simple, I know. I am purposely sharing this way bec/ I tend to put far too much time in making everything “just so” and don’t do as well. When things are kept doable, they are just more likely to be done.

Do you have any ideas, hints or tips on creative ways to eat healthy away from home? Share! I love hearing from others doing this and don’t you enjoy reading input from others on a topic like this? We can learn from each other!


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