Day 3 of 31: Green Autumn smoothie

Green smoothies are one of the easiest ways to drink in (quite literally) nutrition for all of the body.

This morning, we were leaving for the day and had a lot to get ready so I made a quick green smoothie with Autumn flavor.

This recipe made 3 full pint Mason jars.

Green Autumn Smoothie 

18 ounces of coconut water

4 frozen bananas

Autumn blend: Pumpkin pie spice, Allspice, Cinnamon and Ground cloves

A hand full or two of leafy greens

Blend and drink! Three of us drank these this morning and loved to the last sip!

If you are new to green smoothie making, check out this great page showing how and sharing the basics.

For those who have been making green smoothies and want to try new recipes: there is a delicious sounding list at this site.


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