Day 2 of 31: Chopped Rainbow Salads

Creating a salad with bright colors and bites of nourishing goodness is simple and is like bringing sunshine into your kitchen!

You don’t have to buy particular foods and you can pile a huge bowl full of fresh produce in a matter of minutes if you prepare it ahead of time. Even if you don’t have carrots washed and peeled, cucumbers sliced or tomatoes quartered … doing those things can be done in short time.

I turn on music and my vegetables all end up mixed together before I know it!

I have made regular salads for years (it is actually the thing I take to potlucks more than anything else) but I LOVE chopping them up some of the time now. Lauren, (my daughter) used to eat chopped salads at Subway and the whole salad was chopped. Before, I had only chopped certain things up in mine.

If you want to try this, gather any of the following for your base:

* Fresh spinach, Spring salad mix, Kale mix, Romaine lettuce, regular or purple cabbage and/or any leafy greens you like. Try tossing in fresh herbs!

Chop these with a big knife, Ulu (this is what I use the most) or pulse in a food processor. Layer this in your salad bowl/s first or make one big salad every one can scoop from.

* Vegetables: (any/or) – sweet, multi-colored peppers, red or yellow onions, tomatoes, zucchini , yellow squash, beets, carrots (I use a potato peeler to make ribbons of these and then chop them) … cucumbers, cauliflower (I usually blanch this and broccoli first) and just about any vegetable. Cut, chop and top your salad base.

* Sweets: fresh kiwi, apple, dried cranberries, Β or strawberries. Chop and top.

* Salty: raw nuts, sunflower seeds, celery, seasonings, and/or raw pumpkin seeds. Sprinkle over all.

* Optional ideas: Squeeze one or more citrus juices over everything.

You can use just greens, one or two extras or a lot at once. Just layer and mix. Top with a healthy, homemade dressing.

An idea to maximize your time making salad is to put your green, salad base un chopped in a bag or container in the fridge. Chop your vegetables separately and put in containers or mix them all up and you can thow salads together (or wraps) quickly.


3 thoughts on “Day 2 of 31: Chopped Rainbow Salads”

  1. What, pray tell, is an Ulu? is that the type of knife you use? I love this post. I want to make chopped salads. I saw one that Chloe got at a Subway and it was awesome. I used to pay nine dollars for a chopped salad at the Key Lime House in Lake Worth, Florida. It was awesome.

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