31 day challenge

I am supposed to be writing for a 31 day blog challenge -starting today. I have yet to figure out how to do the permalink required to connect myself with it so I may just post with my chosen topic anyway.

The button may or may not show up or work. Here is a try at seeing what it does and does not do!

31 days as of 9.15.14 369


2 thoughts on “31 day challenge”

    1. The button is easier than the permalink! I still haven’t figured it out and I even tried to use a hyperlink but that isn’t working as of yet. I did just read that the 31 page doesn’t go active for linking until after 8:00 pm tonight.
      For the button, you can go to picmonkey.com and upload a picture. Edit it there and then save it to your computer. Go to photobucket and upload the picture you saved and I think you right click it and it shows you the image url. You copy that and go to mycoolrealm.com and fill in the information on that page. Then you choose to copy the html code and that is what you paste onto your blog. I am not a fan of this whole process… codes and linking and all of it just flies as over my head as an eagle flying in a sky over a roly poly!

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