Polar FT4 Stats Day 3?

How does someone lose track on under five work outs?! Weekends. . .

Anyway, I will check my other posts later to make sure this is the correct day 🙂

Duration: 01:12:12

Calories: 343

In zone: 00:30:14

Average heart rate: 109

Maximum heart rate: 130

Things to work on this week:

* Getting the exercise in EVERY DAY. Ideas so far – treadmill, bike, walking, gardening, and free you tube videos.

* Recording every single thing I eat on myfitnesspal and writing down the recipes in a paper journal I am keeping in the kitchen.

* Monitoring my water intake and upping it to a minimum of 4 quarts.

Have a great day!

as of 5.30.13 318


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