Keeping up – a tiny bit at a time!

I am cleaning house today and getting ready to go to my youngest grandlittle~love’s birthday!

I will hurry on here to keep myself on track. I didn’t use my Polar FT4 watch for the past two days but I did almost 13 minutes of an exercise video two days ago 🙂 Anything is better than nothing!

No exercise happened yesterday bec I was in the car for 5+ hours BUT my daughter and I packed our own snacks for the day. I made some almond flour bread in the microwave (I’ll share recipe soon if I haven’t already) and tossed some cherry tomatoes in one part of a to go container. My daughter mixed some balsamic vinegar and olive oil with some garlic and parsley salt and she cut a mango and an orange and we separated each thing. I threw a couple of bananas in and took two big things of water. I ended up getting a triple filtered, venti ice water from Starbucks and didn’t touch the ones we brought.

Anyway, I am going to ATTEMPT getting some exercise in today. We’ll see how it goes 🙂


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