Polar Stats Start Over – Day 1

I don’t want to keep posting “Polar Stats” and such with nothing to distinguish one from the other. I would do the date but the blog posts are automatically dated so that seems pointless. I don’t recall how many Polar watch readings I’ve posted and I recently started a goal to GET MOVING in various forms of exercise DAILY. Sunday will be my exception so my body may rest and my Spirit soak in the LORD as I seek to have a day of sabbath each week.

Anyway, today will be the start of more consistency … I’m hoping and praying 🙂

This morning:

After putting two big pans of chicken breasts in the oven and getting more going in the crock pot (food prepping!) … I got on the treadmil. I have been doing the C2-5K most days but I listened to my body and just walked. I did jog once through a 30 minute walk (with 5 minutes of warm up and 5 minutes of cool down in that 30 minutes). After that, I did yard work and gathered six bags of herbs (one bag was lemon cucumbuers) and I will wash, spin, freeze and dry those after my shower.

Duration: 01:23:35

Calories: 380

In zone: 00:20:54

Average heart rate: 107

Maximum heart rate: 130

as of 9.15.14 1557

This is a picture of my daughter’s food prepping. The more we make ahead of time … the greater chance of grabbing something nourishing for our bodies. We can eat plates and plates of foods lacking nutrients and still starve. We must feed the need to ever feel satisfied and thrive.


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