Today is yet another… NEW DAY.

I don’t know how many times it will take of me trying before I succeed more than I fail but I am on the road to finding out. 

I have been here and there with my exercising but have pulled my fitness journal from underneath the books and papers it was concealed under. I hand wrote out a work out schedule and today is the first day with the new plan. 

Here are the stats! 

Duration: 57 minutes

Calories burned: 441

Average heart rate: 139

Maximum: 164

In zone: (time I stayed in the fitness improving zone during the training session)


I used a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor. I set up an account at the Polar site and for some reason, it list me starting use in 2009 but there is no way since I checked my amazon order and I didn’t purcahse it until 2012. ANYway… I love this watch and it is very simple to use. Of course, I read the manual a few times (or more since I got it?) and watched a youtube video… or few. The battery had to be replaced in the watch part for the first time recently and it was very easy to do.

There is a site you can use with the watch and it is a bit unfamiliar for me to navigate through but I am testing it a bit. I added today’s work out to the training diary.

I’m off to drink some water (note to self: drink way more than I have been) and shower!




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