Quick Breakfast

I am missing the gym today (unless I figure a time later…hmmm) due to my daughter’s dental appointment and such as that. I was going to make oatmeal but I used the last of the 1/2 gallon mason jar full we keep in the kitchen for my husband. 

I wanted something quick so I could finish my Bible study and WRITE for the Nanowrimo2013 that I am so fantastically behind on – SO, I made this:

2 ounces of low fat vanilla Greek yogurt

1 ounce of mixed nuts and seeds



1/4 t. Royal Jelly (please read the cautions that I just read for the first time when including this link!)



2 thoughts on “Quick Breakfast”

  1. Hey there!
    Wow I’m so glad you followed my blog. 1: because I get to return the visit (and will return the favor), 2: because I love the content of your site (me being a fellow dieter), 3: Because I found another nanowrimo-er!!! BTW, I’m also fantastically behind on my word count.
    So, in short, thanks for following my blog! God bless~

    1. Hello –
      I am SO glad you are following my blog and equally happy to have found yours!
      The things I have read from your blog so far have been powerful and stirred my spirit. I am looking forward to reading more. Have a great weekend or week, depending on when you read this 🙂


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