Something tells me…

Weigh ins have fluctuated SO much. 

Last week: 211

Today? 216

Oh, well. It takes time to build momentum and these are lifestyle changes so I will carry on. Tarry forth. March onward. Smiles, ha, ha!

Treadmil thoughts  –

While walking at the gym this morning, I was getting tired of the same music over and over so I was tuning it out on my earphones. I was trying to keep going because I really felt like a hamster in a wheel but kept reminding myself that I have to find a way to -at the MINIMUM- briskly walk at least 30 minutes a day. For some reason, I started thinking of how prone so many of us are to burden our hearts with the opinions and/or judgments of others. 

It can literally rob you of joy, water down happy days and cause you to downplay the benefits and blessings God pours into every day. They are what one author calls, “basement people” and she (Joyce Landorf Heatherley) writes about the opposite people in her book, Balcony People

There are people who greet the glitter in your life – the dreams, accomplishments, gifts and victories, with such a grey tone that you learn to play it down. You learn to little down and whittle away what starts out making you smile. 

The thing is… it doesn’t happen unless you allow it. 

If you are doing some shining thing and you wave with an elated smile at someone in your life and they don’t cheer you on … fly above it. If someone else does laugh when you laugh … enjoy it all the more. 

If you look around and you are the only one grinning… smile more and laugh harder. Why not?

That is what I am working on doing and maybe I’m onto something good…

This song is funny 🙂 


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