Climbing back up…

My weight wasImage around 232 before starting this blog and I think when I started it… I might have been 223 or something like that. So much has gone on … I lost track. I got down to 210 and then 202 brought me a couple of pounds from my first goal – to be under 200. 

From there, I focused on just holding up to some storms (deafening, heart hitting and terrifying at times) and it seemed to take all my energy. Persevere. It is what I did and I am thanking God over and over for keeping me from drowning. 

I am now 209 again and have totally gotten away from a daily rhythm 

 of exercise.  

It is time to pull myself back up and work harder than I was before. I picked my fitness journal back up and will start back here as well.

Through the past month or several weeks or however long it has been since I was posting regularly… I have not gone crazily over the edge as I usually do if I fall one level down. I was fairly good at watching amounts, ingredients or both when I wasn’t home and added some fresh juices when I was. 

Our garden was a lovely success that is down to almost nothing. We are not giving up but have decided to replant and grow what we can year round. It is GA… instead of crying over shorts in December, we’ll grow another round of yellow squash, zucchini, and melons and see if we can get a hand full or two. 

Our tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers have been amazing and the okra is faring pretty well. The herbs are amazing with the exception of two rosemary plants that did not do well in ground AT ALL. 

Alas, this isn’t a gardening blog but the garden is helping me be healthier so there has to be some sharing on it. 😉 My juices have been so refreshing! Organic cucumbers straight from the garden along with pineapple sage, peppermint, sweet mint, and more. 

The past few juices have been cucumber, a tip of jalepeno at times, organic carrots, oranges, and whatever green goodness I can find to go with the rest. 

I have had a book for years that I just now finished and I really like it. I am going to try some (if not all) of the exercises in it. Smart Girls Do Dumbbells is the first of a small stack I hope to devour in the next few weeks. 


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