Weight loss and daily living

Latest weigh in: 204! I weighed in at almost 204 this morning and at the last second … it switched to 205.0! I came home from getting my son to school, took some pictures of the gardens and decided to take off my socks and weigh again. 204! My first goal is to be under 200 so I am dragging progress along with the grace of God… even if it is flailing, kicking and throwing a great tantrum as it moves.

Yesterday, I was craving chocolate… again. This doesn’t happen every day or even often but when it does? May the Lord give me strength when it does. He did give such strength 24 hours ago or so and instead of grabbing every chocolate, caramel, nut, coconut, or berry filled ice cream the store had and filling my cart with it as was my desire… I read the calories and fat content and walked away. I moved away from the freezer section and physically forced my body …as it strongly gravitated to the chocolate aisle… to go check out. I rewarded myself with some amazing, organic cherries and I did indulge in my craving by stuffing a chocolate chip in the middle. Chocolate covered cherry … reversed and with far less calories! 

I had salads, smoothies, and green juices and then my DIL made an amazing meal and brought it up. I will have her send me the picture she got of it so I can share it here. It was a zucchini and yellow squash “noodle” dish with an olive oil dressing of sorts. She also brought some Jennie-0 turkey breast and a loaf of heated Italian bread. Oh, yes – and sweet tea but I didn’t have any of that. I made one of my rainbow salads and some homemade apricot dressing that had some herbs right from our deck and garden! 

I got a regular, steady amount of exercise last week… none over the weekend and I did a good deal yesterday. I walked on the treadmill, did a good leg work out, used the rowing machine, sat in the sauna and stretched a bit and walked/jogged at the track. I got three miles in and that was my goal. I meant to do an arm/upper body work out at home but forgot. I’ll have to fit three miles in today somewhere! 

Just a jambled update! 


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