Marching on ahead regardless of feelings…

Walked for a five minute warm up before doing some isolated stretches and then this one I thought would be safe for my back. I don’t have a sciatic nerve but when I was in a wreck about 5 years ago, they said one of my discs shifted or something. Anyway, I am trying to strengthen the muscles around my back and work on being flexible again. I used to be really flexible … pushed it harder and just had a better time exercising in general.

I’ve heard from and read from people who lost weight, got back in shape, regained strength and on it goes – that there are times of emotional struggle along the way. It comes no matter how hard I’m trying/working and sometimes even more so when I am doing well. 

It is hard to see how far I’ve let myself go and how far away I am from what I was before. At the same time… emotionally, mentally and most importantly … spiritually – I am better. In those areas, I am stronger, more whole and just more grown all the way around. I must grasp the gold in this and remember that the inner has to be healthy and eventually… the appearance and believed in changes will take place. Whether I see them right now or not… I can know they are on the way. 

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Every single day… I am staying focused. There are exceptions … moments when I eat something I’d rather have switched with a healthier choice, times when I justify working hard taking place of working out and things like that. What I’m learning is… those times are just life. They, along with interruptions, falling off the ideal or perfect course or whatever are a part of what has so often been referred to as the ebb and flow of life. 

My goal is to ride the current when needed and to fight it when called upon to do so. If I let God guide me … I will end up precisely where I am supposed to. I pray when I do… I can encourage, help and inspire others who are where I was before all of this, where I am now … and where I go through this journey.

Today, I had a mixed greens salad with salmon, goat cheese, tomatoes and red onion and homemade dressing. I saved this from last night and I had the exact same thing for lunch. I know it isn’t exciting but I am trying to break my emotional connection to food and eat to live instead of living to eat. And… anyway, the salad is delicious!

I am getting some sun each day in attempts to glow in a more sun kissed way and less in the … “is that Casper the ghost?” way. The main reason I started this was a result of reading that it could be good for eczema and I have battled that for months and months now. 

All for now. . . 


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