What I did today and a trail of words to follow…

I have walked a total of three miles today, gardened for 25 minutes, did the 20 minute upper body workout I shared on the previous post and did this upper body stretch

I am sharing a lot of this not to boast about every thing I do  but to: 

* help myself not feel so alone in all of this. I don’t know why … but the few times I have worked to get in shape have sometimes felt like I was running off on my own path. It might be the silence or the strangeness of taking care of me that I mistake for loneliness but whatever it is, I like sharing it. 

* … hold myself accountable. 

*… share for/with others so those others don’t have to feel they are going at it alone. 

There are many other reasons and I had a list of them flying from my fingertips when I started this post hours ago. Now? I am trying to keep my eyes open on the screen and realizing that it is a good time for a long soak in the tub. I think I’ll swish some epsom salts with as many drops of lavender as I can get away with using safely and hope to crawl in the bed well scented and with feet a bit softer than they have been!



2 thoughts on “What I did today and a trail of words to follow…”

  1. Go you! Taking care of yourself is sooo important. Its honorable to God. And by doing so balance will ensue and lastly you’ll be more well equipped to love on and love with those around you. So keep up the drive and you will succeed and aid others in their success as well ❤

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