I have internet/wifi again!

Hello! I have been without internet since before my last post here. We’ve been moving and even though it is just a path way’s distance from where we were living… it has taken a LOT of time and work to be typing this. 

We lived in our other home from January 8th, 1994 until this move. We are moving into the home my MIL has been in for around eight years but on land she has been on for something like … over 30 years ago, I think! We are packing up a LOT of sentimental things here and trying to go through years and years of things there and we just got the phone and internet service going again!

I did so well until yesterday that I lost down to 211 pounds! Alas, two days of not eating well and not walking or working out can take a toll. Going non stop doesn’t protect one from calories and I think I am back at 213. Oh, well. I will get back on track this week, I hope! 

I’m going to catch up on emails (and at some point, sleep!) so I will keep this short. Just wanted to send/share a quick update to celebrate typing again. . . 


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