First Full Week/1st Weigh In Post!

I am tired and was ready for bed over an hour ago but I don’t want to get behind on this. 

This is my first, official BLOG WEIGH IN!

I am now at 218!

Starting weight was 220, so I am down two pounds. 

I am working on getting enough water in, started back at the gym this morning (treadmil: didn’t hold on for dear life and I averaged around 3.5 with a 1.5 average incline. 40 minutes) – and I am adding juices, keeping on with smoothies and taking in no added, refined sugars. Well, I am trying to make sure nothing I eat has refined sugar but it is in so much, it is hard to know. 

There was much more I planned to say/share/write but I’m not quite sure what they are/were!

Great idea my DIL and I saw on one of the previous Biggest Loser shows tonight: Wrap vegetables in a slice of deli turkey breast and place them in baggies with ice for lunch. Love it! We’ve been eating a lot on Napa cabbage or Romaine lettuce leaves. SO GOOD!



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