Catch up post!

Okay … I’ve literally lost track of days on my new health style plan but I’ve been keeping to it with the exception of exercise. Well, and water — I’m only getting in about half of the water I need so I will work on that. 

I also want to add back my organic, apple cider vinegar tonics, eat small amounts every 3-4 hours and not eat after 7:00 pm. Reading this, I realize the only thing I’ve done is eat healthy foods! Oh, well… one day at a time! 

I’ve had cookies I’ve made so many times from the Go Raw cookbook (I will share a link to this book and share the original recipe when I can type more) that I’ve made it my own. Yesterday, I used walnut flour, dates, peanut butter powder, almond butter, coconut oil and a sprinkle of chocolate chips. 

No sugar or sucanat has been in my coffee but I have been using cinnamon and honey… so, so, so good! 

I’ve had salads with homemade dressings, veggie and turkey packed with veggies sub with no dressing. I’ve used chopped garlic in olive oil and mustard. 

I’ve had simple juices… mainly vegetables with a few fruits here and there. WONDERFUL! I’ve had green smoothies and banana and peanut butter powder smoothies with chia seeds. 

There is the update. More later! 


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