Days 4-6, I think?!

I will have to ditch keeping my titles up with the day/days I’m on.

Some nutrition notes:

Being healthy and whole and strong … just on and on it goes, is my big goal. Along the way, that will mean weight loss and that is important alone but there are so many angles to consider. One is just making sure that all the vitamins, minerals and so on’s are getting consumed. 

Calcium is something I’ve gone back and forth on because it seems every day a new tid bit of information screams out advice different from the previous day. I was going through emails to get them sorted and such and came across this blog post and wanted to share that here. I do this for my own recording hopes and for anyone it might bless or help along the way. 

Yesterday, I had a great smoothie early on and the rest of the day was left over post roast and turkey chili. I also ended up eating two light English muffins. 

For a snack to keep myself from having a chocolate eating contest with myself and to even keep me from more turkey or roast — I made a decadent smoothie! If I already shared this, just delete and carry on. I’m tracking my points on WW online and tracking my calories on Loseit to see what I will keep when my membership ends. It can make posting here interesting bec I keep having to check to see what I’ve already written. 

Onto the calcium rich smoothie and I will end encouraging you to have a GREAT day!

9 ounces of almond milk (it poured over 8)

a banana

PB2 (peanut butter powder)

Cocoa powder. 

SO good. 

I haven’t slept adequate hours per night since before I got back from our trip to TN so that   isn’t good. I will  attempt a nap at some point today! 


2 thoughts on “Days 4-6, I think?!”

  1. Peanut Butter Powder. What is this and where do you find it.
    I am working on a cleansing drink right now. Lemon based.

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