Healthier Habits

Today’s lunch was fairly healthy but I didn’t do as well as I could or should have. 

I found this turkey chili recipe and needed something easy and fast and it was really good to have not simmered all day. I did end up eating about 4 ounces of a roast and gravy my darling MIL sent down and I had it with 1/2 of a light English muffin.

I should have eaten NO bread (that or the 3/4th other half I ate with my chili!) since I had popcorn when I did Children’s Church this morning. I also ate some M & M’s our Pastor and his wife brought back from New York. In my unabashed defense, they were flavors available nowhere but the place in New York they got them from… so.

I had maybe equivalent to … I don’t know… a hand full? 

I have had no sugar in my coffee today (this is going to be a hard one) and I find myself suffering pretty intense withdrawal symptoms. How surprising! I have cut out so many refined sweeteners for so long that I thought it might not affect me much to stop even the natural choices like honey or sucanat. I was wrong! I did great all day yesterday and got up to get water in the middle of the night. My daughter, a niece and a friend of theirs had chips, cookies, ice cream, hot fudge, and more. I ended up eating an M&M cookie and eating a hand full of chips! 

I’m falling asleep typing so until next time….


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