Day 2 & 3

Yesterday went well with the exception of no exercise, eating something other than fruits or vegetables too late in the evening and eating two mini Cadbury chocolate eggs! 

Those and not planning well enough for today’s meals and snacks… but I am working on it. 

Today, I’ve had a green smoothie:

Almond milk, banana, grapes, chia seeds, cinnamon, spinach leaves

Coffee and water

My thyroid levels were low so my Dr. upped my dosage for now and we’ll see if that takes care of some of the symptoms I’ve been having! My cholesterol was high so he reaffirmed some urging for me to eat a better diet a better way and to get in an hour or more of exercise 6 days a week. 

Here are my beginning stats:

Weight: 220

Blood pressure: 112/80

BMI: 36.61 (NOT good since it is supposed to be 18-25 for me but it has come down since 2010 when it was 40 or 42!)

My doctor’s instructions are to:

* Consume 1,400 calories a day to meet my healthy weight loss goal. He did the math on what a healthy weight is and feels I should start with a goal of 155, work to 145 after that and then see how everything looks before possibly going for my original goal of 130-135. 

* Limit salt intake. Avoid fried and processed foods and limit sodium intake to 2 grams daily. Is that possible? I need to call the office and see if this typed up wrong bec I think just about everything has SOME sodium. 

No breakfast yesterday (…) but I had a sensible lunch at Jason’s Deli and salmon over salad with 1  T. of dressing and 1 oz. of cheese.

I am SO tired. I haven’t stopped much since returning home from TN so I might snooze if the coffee I just perked doesn’t kick in quickly!




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